Why Emigration to Australia Appeals to Many

Most media shows Australia’s fantastic beaches that surfers return to every year.  There are beach parties where all are welcome.  Australians can rightly be described as some of the kindest, most generous people in the world.  

So why do thousands of Brits explore emigration to Australia every year and how to go about it? 1.

More space than you can imagine

Australia is a massive continent, being the 6th largest in the world. However, in terms of population it has the lowest.  In Britain the average population per square mile is 660 whereas in Oz it’s just over 6.  For people who have spent their lives in small houses with tiny gardens (if they are lucky) or apartment blocks, the sheer volume of uncluttered, Australian land and beaches is truly awe inspiring.

Pure, clean air

If you lungs have been full of air pollution Australia will be a breath of fresh air. There is no place on the globe that has lower air pollution.

Diverse multicultural communities

Emigration to Australia will make you part of a huge multicultural melting pot.  Few people know that well over 40% of Australians were born out of the country or have at least one foreign parent.  On 21 March every year Australia celebrates Harmony Day to proudly demonstrate its diversity.


Australia enjoys mild weather for most of the year with certain parts having an abundance of that sadly lacking element in the UK – sunshine!

National Parks and protected areas

All over Australia you can find stunning, perfect ecosystems.  Quite apart from the renowned miles of soft, golden beaches and clear waters, you’ll find mountain peaks capped with snow, rolling deserts and spectacular unspoiled tropical rainforests.


Australian healthcare is second to none with both private and state healthcare systems. If you are ill you can be confident you’ll be well looked after.


If you have skills that Australia needs you will be welcomed with open arms.  Australians work hard and play hard.  Emigration to Australia is worth considering if you want to work.  With only 5% unemployed it’s not difficult to find work.

Low crime

Australia is a safe place to live in comparison to many countries around the world with crime being relatively low.  

Friendly people

Australians are chilled out and incredibly friendly people. It’s not unusual for strangers to say “g’day” when they pass you in the street or enter a bar. Family life matters and don’t be surprised if you get multiple invitations to a ‘barbie’ where plenty of excellent food and drink will flow.

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