The Overseas Living Network deals with migration processes for clients who are moving to Australia, New Zealand or Canada. We have a team of migration specialists who are employed to make this notoriously stressful process as seamless and simple as possible.

Moving to Australia

Oz is an incredibly popular destination because of its stable politics, strong economy, high standard of living and general friendly atmosphere. Australia invites skilled workers and professionals who will add value to the economy. We have the know-how to send you safely and surely to your new home in the sun.

Moving to New Zealand

Whether NZ brings up images of The Lord of the Rings or your future home – if you are serious about making the move then you will need to bring your skills and qualifications with you. Staying in New Zealand and setting up foundations there has been a life-changing step for so many and you could experience that too. Let our experts guide you through the process.

Moving to Canada

Canada boasts a lot of luscious land and a surprisingly small population which allows for suitable migrants to enter and make it their home. A high quality of life, stable government and a strong economy are just a few of the factors which you’ll have at the forefront of your mind when thinking about this move. The Canadian government understands the importance of immigration and implemented an Express Entry program in 2015. Our migration experts can guide you through the loopholes and legalities, getting you to the land of the moose and the maple as quickly as possible.

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