Wherever you are moving to, you may choose to finance your property via a local mortgage. How do you arrange that? What are the pitfalls and who should you trust? At the Overseas Living Network we decided to carefully curate the best mortgage brokers for you to choose from. That’s not all! We will guide you through the entire process saving you stress, time and effort. Whether you are making your dream move to a popular European destination like France and Spain or you are flinging your hat a little further afield –we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to confusing small-print and slimy brokers, we’ll walk you through everything and hand you the best deal possible from our trusted mortgage experts.

Borrowing from a UK bank

All of the main high street banks in the UK have international mortgage services. However, they might not provide a service for your desired destination so this needs to be verified. Popular markets like France and Spain are easier for our domestic banks to facilitate, whilst a more obscure location may have its obstacles.

Arranging with a local lender

You can of course arrange your mortgage with a lender which is located at your destination. We can walk you through this process and put you in the perfect hands. You benefit from having a bespoke, tailored package of information with details of estate agents, lawyers and other specialist to use in your new resident country. You may get a better deal by borrowing abroad because rates tend to be lower but there always pitfalls to watch out for. Don’t do this alone, let us guide you through this process with swift ease.

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