The Overseas Living Network is confident in serving you with the best exchange rates from providers that are credible and reliable.

Transferring money overseas need not be a long, arduous process – we believe you are entitled to peace of mind and a fair piece of the pie. Our team of expert analysts have decades of experience and they are on hand to ensure you get the best deal that the market has to offer.   Fortunately for you, the currency market is highly competitive which means you have plenty of options at hand. You could decide to move money online using a secure platform, fix a ‘forward rate’, use a bank or deal with an international broker. While on the surface this is good for you, the by-product is that there is a substantial amount of research which needs to be done on your part.  Having recognised this, we decided to do all of the leg work for you which means you can simply make the decisions as we present you the best options for exchanging and transferring your currency.


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