France – One of the Best Places to Live in Europe

Irrespective of concerns about Brexit Europe is still the most popular continent for Brits who are considering leaving the UK for a better life. By comparison to many European countries, living in the UK is expensive.  Quality of life and a better climate also contribute to the decision making process. France is without doubt one of the best places to live in Europe.  A culture vulture’s paradise, sophistication, fashionistas, incredible food and wine can all be found here.

France has something for everyone

France is huge and offers diverse locations including small medieval villages surrounded by spectacular rural scenery; vibrant multicultural cities that ooze art, culture and entertainment and large towns that are both modern and old.

You will never be short of fresh fruit and vegetables and newly baked bread, available from markets held every week in almost every location.

You can expect to pay infinitely less for wine than in Britain and to drink more of it if you adopt French customs.  Wine will always be available at lunch time and at dinner.

Food and clothing may cost you a little more and you’ll pay tolls on many of the motorways.  

Cheap rural properties

Rural properties are still relatively inexpensive in France.  You may need to invest money to renovate a property to Brit standards. But you’ll still end up with an infinitely superior home for your budget, when compared to UK prices.

Living in France is less stressful and the quality of life exceptional, particularly in rural villages and towns. Bear in mind that if you are used to city life in the UK and have never lived in the country, you should “try before you buy”.  Stay in rural locations for a week or more to experience the lifestyle.  Some people feel isolated and a bit like fish out of water.  If you love it go ahead and buy now while there are so many bargains to be found.

If you would like a little financial help you can find out more about financing options by visiting our Mortgage for Overseas Property page.

City life

However, if you need to work or want to be in a buzzing environment with everything close by, French cities offer everything you could possibly wish for.

Property prices like most cities in Europe are high so it might be an idea to rent first whilst searching for an affordable home. Of all cities Paris is the most expensive as you would expect in a capital, but you can find more affordable homes in Nice, Rennes and Bordeaux.

Best places to live in Europe

If the idea of France appeals, check out our French Overseas Living Guide where you’ll find a wealth of information about this outstanding country. Alternatively visit our blog regularly to learn more about the best places to live in Europe.